Christine de la Garenne – BACKLASH (29.08.15 – 25.10.15)

Christine de la Garenne, BOKKER 2006Christine de la Garenne who opens her show at CIRCLE1 at the end of this month will show two video installations: BOKKER (2006) and PLANET CLAIRE (2010). Christine de la Garenne’s video projections deal with the relationship between the moving image and the associated sound. The artist acts as an observer of reality. She documents parts of everyday life by isolating and “dissecting” its details. Her videos assemble short sequences of individual images of the same setting. The combination of aggressive and meditative tendencies provoke an irritating atmosphere.Subtle digital manipulations of visual and auditory aspects add multiple layers of perception and lead to a collapse of reality. The artist creates ambivalence by simultaneously showing different aspects, perspectives and timings of the same situation. Through minimal time shifts and endless repetitions the videos de- and reconstruct and show a polychronic approach to time.

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Past Exhibition: 20.6.15 – 1.8.15

IMG_6222In the gallery’s main space in our current show we are displaying the exhibition Norwood by Michelle Jezierski (1981). Michelle studied at the UdK ( Berlin University of the Arts) from 2002 until 2008 under Tony Cragg and Valérie Favre. Alongside Jezierski’s show we host the exhibition GirlyGirlyGirlGirl by the Israeli Berlin based painter Ofir Dor (1972). 

(Photos: Mia Gourvitch)

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Michelle Jezierski – NORWOOD (20.6.15 – 1.8.15)

2015_Transformer_120x100cm_oiloncanvasEntering the paintings by Michelle Jezierski with one’s eyes is rather like having a psychedelic experience. Her condensed visual stimuli are at their core reflections of interior and exterior spaces. After an extensive forest phase, the artist now devotes herself to questions of space—fractured, simultaneous and non-simultaneous space, and the landscape within a landscape.



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Ofir Dor – GirlyGirlyGirlGirl (20.6.15 – 1.8.15)

flying women 80 x 49

Ofir Dor’s exhibition GirlyGirlyGirlGirl which opens this month at CIRCLE1 revolves around some figures, not so much a specific person but rather an archetypical one, or few. Ofir Dor is looking for something very simple; one figure or a couple somewhere, usually outside. He uses few positions and repeats them again and again.

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Yanai Toister – The Keepers of Light (2.5.15-13.6.15)

 The Keepers of LightThe display in Yanai Toister’s “The Keepers of Light” (2010), consists of photographic prints in glossy color, printed in a 300×60 cm rectangular format and suspended vertically, side by side, on the walls of the Gallery. The colors of the prints were determined by a fixed, computer-applied mathematical formula that started from primary red and progressed through orange, yellow, green and cyan to primary blue.

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Sharon Ya’ari – Scorpion Pass (2.5.15-13.6.15)

sharon2Sharon Ya’ari’s works which will be shown in his next exhibition at Circle1 – “Scorpion Pass” – focus on ordinary objects and routine life throughout the country, while inducing from them a range of complex socio-political sensitive insights. Sharon Ya’ari´s photographs depict the remainders of some past privet action and motivations, questions about local identity, and about the way trivial things become charged with meaning by being present over an extended period of time; laying there, piling up, accumulating, taking form. The images have a story, usually one related to existence and near-extinction.

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“Emigrate / Immigrate – Auswandern / Einwandern” (18.4.15 – 26.4.15)


Unlike in English or German, Hebrew lacks a clear distinction between the incoming and outgoing connotations of the word ‘migration’ – as in emigration and immigration – with the word ‘hagira’ (הגירה) used to designate both. In Israeli society and culture, however, the tension between these two opposing directions remains a permanent presence that is felt everywhere. Israelis see themselves as constant migrants, deemed to move between lands and cultures in perpetuity. Circle 1 Gallery is pleased to announce Emigrate / Immigrate, a group exhibition presenting works by students and graduates of the Multidisciplinary Art Department at the Shenkar College, Israel. (Curators: Nira Pereg and Yanai Toister).

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Past Exhibition: 17.1.15 – 28.2.15

Toony NavokTichy and Navok are both fascinated by the “empty geometry” of modernism that is embedded in each and every way we look at objects in our environment and observe landscapes, dreams and utopias even though we are aware that they were emptied from their ideologies, content and justification long time ago.

Text by Sarit Shapira (Photos: Mia Gourvitch)

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Toony Navok – ”sur•round•things” (17.1 – 28.2)

Toony Navok, "skip" (2014)Monumental yet fragile, Toony Navok’s linear constructed sculptures are made of every-day practical objects and popular design elements, revealing their hidden abstract forms while glancing to past canonical periods of art. The works are complex assembles that highlight the dialectics between form and function and keep an inner movement quality presence.

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