Past Exhibition: 17.5.14 – 23.6.14

(Photos by Merav Maroody)

In our current show is an exhibition by artists Peleg Dishon and Avinoam Sternheim. “White to play and win” – Dishon’s show – is composed of two major pieces: a paper cutout landscape which depicts a celestial city and a composition of popup elements drown from the landscape and serves as pieces or pawns.

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Till Nowak’s video “The Centrifuge Brain Project” at Circle1 (17.05 – 23.06)

Till Nowak, The Centrifuge Brain Project 2012In the next exhibition we will show the brilliantly made mockumentary “The Centrifuge Brain Project” by digital artist, designer and filmmaker Till Nowak (1980). Dr. Nick Laslowicz, a mad scientist from the “Institute for Centrifugal Research (ICR)” (a fake institution needles to say) recounts his “achievements in the realms of brain manipulation, excessive G-Force and prenatal simulations”.

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Avinoam Sternheim – “Black Flower” (17.5 – 23.6)

כוכב הריסות 1Avinoam Sternheim (1983) presented in our next exhibition which opens on May 17th, builds his works from abandoned materials he finds in his surroundings, which are the sources for his artistic work. He is influenced by tribal cultures, primitive art and the sort of fantasies he finds in horror and science fiction movies.


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Peleg Dishon – “White to Play and Win” (17.5 – 23.6)

Peleg Dishon, Flood -Old New Babylon 2012In our next opening on May 17 we will host the exhibition “White to Play and Win” by Peleg Dishon (1979) – an Israeli new-media artist. “White to play and win” is a particular task presented to a solver of a chess problem. It means that the solver should play the white pieces and his goal is to checkmate the black. However, this is not a battle of two opponents; the game is played by one solver that plays both sides.

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