Performance by Doug Fishbone – September 19 at 18:00

Doug Fishbone's performanceOn the night of the Opening (September 19 – Doug Fishbone, Karen Russo, Nir Evron & Omer Krieger), Doug Fishbone will be performing one of his celebrated comic slide-show lectures, taking his audience on a journey through his mildly warped imagination. come join us at 18:00 on the opening night.

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Doug Fishbone – “The Parallax View” (19.9 – 18.10)

Doug Fishbone, "Elmina" (2010)Doug Fishbone’s exhibition at Circle1 brings together two major recent works by the London-based conceptual artist, that extend his examination of consumer culture, mass media and the relativity of perception. These two works, Elmina (2010) and Hypno Project (2009), question the way information is processed and presented in the contemporary visual landscape, and both undermine the relationship between audience and content in different ways.


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Karen Russo – “We are Golden” (19.9 – 18.10)

Karen Russo, "Externstein" 2012

Karen Russo is an Israeli-born artist living and working in London. In her exhibition at Circle1 gallery in Berlin (opening on September 19)  she will show her video work “Externsteine” and a new series of charcoal drawings.

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Nir Evron & Omer Krieger – “Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres” (19.9 – 18.10)

 Nir Evron and Omer Krieger, "Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres" 2014In our next exhibition which opens on September 19th we will show the video work “Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres” by Nir Evron and Omer Krieger. This is the first joint work of the artists, which combines cinematic and performative sensibilities, proposing political and aesthetic questions situated in a public space and the human body.

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