Michal Helfman – Barbarism of Reflection (27.6 – 26.7)

Michal HelfmanMichal Helfman will present in the upcoming exhibition at Circle1 a group of works on paper, made ​​in a scraping technique from a layer of oil pastels, exposing another layer of colorful acrylics lying underneath it. the group of works called “Barbarism of Reflection” takes its name from a term coined by 17th century Italian historian Vico. This expression was used to describe a critical moment in the history of a civilization, in which, according to Vico, significant cultural achievements (manifested in its increasing reflective capacity), are eventually what lead this civilization to deconstruction and barbarism.

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Parallel Port: UdK Berlin at Circle1 (20.6 – 22.6)

Parallel Port: Siebzehn Kunststudenten reisen zwölf Tage nach Israel. Im Sinne einer klassischen Studienreise geht es um die Auseinandersetzung mit den politischen Konflikten und ihrem Erleben aus der Sicht eines Besuchers. Das künstlerische Konzept folgt einem beinahe tautologischen Plan. Er hat mit der besonderen Aufmerksamkeit zu tun für das, was jeder Reisende seit Jahrhunderten tut: etwas in das besuchte Land mitzunehmen und etwas anderes wieder mitzubringen. Das kann eine Erfahrung, ein Gegenstand, ein Ding oder ein Vorgang sein.

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Olaf Kühnemann – “Heartworn Highways” (27.6 – 26.7)

Olaf Kuhnemann, Heartworn Highways 2014In our next show (which opens on Friday, June 27) we will host the exhibition “Heartworn Highways” by Olaf Kühnemann. In Heartworn Highways Kühnemann works impulsively. Everything derives from imagination, there is no clear narrative. Just like reconstructing a new language, this is an exercise for creativity emerging from the dead end situation of every day studio practice and the challenge for constant productivity and inspiration.

(Text by Jorgina Stamogianni, Independent Curator)

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Francesca Fini – Fair and lost (27.6 – 26.7)

Francesca Fini, Fair and Lost 2013The Italian artist Francesca Fini will be showing in our next exhibition three video works. Francesca is an interdisciplinary artist mainly focusing on new media and interactive media, video and performance art. Her live projects, always addressing social and political issues, are mixed with lo-fi technology, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. Primarily interested in video and live art, she also creates artworks assembling performance art ‘relics’ or manipulating video stills.

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“Picture Peace” – Artists for a Just Peace between Israel and Palestine (postponed until further notice) (17.06 – 18.06)

u214-1394966034-SandnerHenrikOn Tuesday-Wednesday, June 17-18, we will show the 2-day exhibition: “Picture Peace” which calls on Israeli and Palestinian artists to raise their voice in support of a just and sustainable peace. Picture Peace is an independent initiative organized by The Artists Larry Abramson and David Tartakover as a complementary artistic intervention to the Peacehub project. The exhibition will be accompanied by live streaming of the peace talks which will take place in Jerusalem on the exact dates of the exhibition.

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