Toony Navok – ”sur•round•things” (17.1 – 28.2)

Toony Navok, "skip" (2014)Monumental yet fragile, Toony Navok’s linear constructed sculptures are made of every-day practical objects and popular design elements, revealing their hidden abstract forms while glancing to past canonical periods of art. The works are complex assembles that highlight the dialectics between form and function and keep an inner movement quality presence.

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Jan Tichy-“sur•round•things” (17.1 – 28.2)

Jan Tichy, "no 18" (2014)Jan Tichy is a Chicago based artist who works at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, and photography, and his conceptually based work is socially and politically engaged, reflecting on the surrounding, on the local and immediate. In his show sur-round-things at Circle1 (alongside artist Toony Navok) Tichy is presenting a number of works that respond to different sites and places.

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Past Exhibition: 6.12.14 – 10.1.15

Tama Goren & Dani BackIn the gallery’s main space in our current show we are displaying two exhibitions: “With you” – the mutual exhibition by artists Tama Goren & Dani Back which displays the conjoint works of the two artists alongside their personal works, and the exhibition “Das kleine Blumenbuch” by painter Larry Abramson.

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