Yanai Toister – The Keepers of Light (2.5.15-13.6.15)

 The Keepers of LightThe display in Yanai Toister’s “The Keepers of Light” (2010), consists of photographic prints in glossy color, printed in a 300×60 cm rectangular format and suspended vertically, side by side, on the walls of the Gallery. The colors of the prints were determined by a fixed, computer-applied mathematical formula that started from primary red and progressed through orange, yellow, green and cyan to primary blue.

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Sharon Ya’ari – Scorpion Pass (2.5.15-13.6.15)

sharon2Sharon Ya’ari’s works which will be shown in his next exhibition at Circle1 – “Scorpion Pass” – focus on ordinary objects and routine life throughout the country, while inducing from them a range of complex socio-political sensitive insights. Sharon Ya’ari´s photographs depict the remainders of some past privet action and motivations, questions about local identity, and about the way trivial things become charged with meaning by being present over an extended period of time; laying there, piling up, accumulating, taking form. The images have a story, usually one related to existence and near-extinction.

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