Jan Tichy-“sur•round•things” (17.1 – 28.2)

Jan Tichy, "no 18" (2014)Jan Tichy is a Chicago based artist who works at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, and photography, and his conceptually based work is socially and politically engaged, reflecting on the surrounding, on the local and immediate. In his show sur-round-things at Circle1 (alongside artist Toony Navok) Tichy is presenting a number of works that respond to different sites and places.

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Past Exhibition: 6.12.14 – 10.1.15

Tama Goren & Dani BackIn the gallery’s main space in our current show we are displaying two exhibitions: “With you” – the mutual exhibition by artists Tama Goren & Dani Back which displays the conjoint works of the two artists alongside their personal works, and the exhibition “Das kleine Blumenbuch” by painter Larry Abramson.

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Larry Abramson – “Das kleine Blumenbuch” (6.12.14 – 10.1.15)

Larry Abramson, Das kleine Blumenbuch - after Rudolf Koch (Akelei), 2014, oil and screen-print on newspaper, 56x37 cmLarry Abramson’s exhibition at Circle 1 (opening on December 6) is titled “Das kleine Blumenbuch,” after a book of botanical illustrations published by Insel Verlag, Leipzig, in 1933, with woodcuts of German wild flowers by Fritz Kredel, based upon drawings by Rudolf Koch. In the summer of 2014, following the end of the recent war with Gaza, Abramson collected the daily issues of the pro-government tabloid “Israel Today,” and in his studio defaced them with layers of oil paint. The colors he used for this act were based upon his mental memory of the “utopian” sky of his childhood in Jerusalem.

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Tama Goren & Dani Back – “With you” (6.12.14 – 10.1.15)

1In our next show (which opens on Saturday, December 6) we will host the exhibition “with you” – a mutual show by the artists Tama Goren & Dani BackThroughout this past year, artists Tama Goren and Dani Back have come together to collaborate on a series of joint works. They share the same format and territory, creating something new through a mutual experiment. The exhibition “With you” displays the conjoint works of the two artists alongside their personal works.


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Past Exhibition: 25.10.14 – 29.11.14

IMG_1263In our current exhibition in Circle 1 we show three exceptional artists. Eli Gur Arie produces what appears to be at first glance sated objects, objects that celebrate a rich existence, imprisoned in an appearance that nullifies every kind of consciousness: too beautiful to ask questions, too spectacular to be troubling. On this basis begins the strange negotiation that Gur Arie’s works conduct with the world.

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Albert Merino – “Autoretrat Compulsiu” (25.10 – 29.11)

Autoretrat compulsiu still 08

In Our next exhibition we will show two video works by the Spanish artist Albert Merino – “Autoretrat Compulsiu” and “Hidden Mud”. Albert Merino uses the medium of video to deconstruct reality and reinterpret it, using imagery and contextualizing it. In this way, he realizes a work of dissection of the environment where some different temporary stratus converges at the same time, creating a dreamlike and fictive universe between reality and imaginary.

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Past Exhibition: 19.9.14 – 18.10.14

Karen Russo’s video woKaren Russo''Externsteine'' 2012rk “Externsteine”, takes as its subject the rock formation in Germany which attracts neo-Pagans, new-Agers and neo-Nazis to seasonal celebrations, in which each cult relates Externsteine’s extraordinary landscape to their own version of ecological, spiritual and political mythology.


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Performance by Doug Fishbone – September 19 at 18:00

Doug Fishbone's performanceOn the night of the Opening (September 19 – Doug Fishbone, Karen Russo, Nir Evron & Omer Krieger), Doug Fishbone will be performing one of his celebrated comic slide-show lectures, taking his audience on a journey through his mildly warped imagination. come join us at 18:00 on the opening night.

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