Telémachos Alexiou’s dream of Norma (20.2 – 29.3)

Telémachos AlexiouMotion and stillness, depth and surface, black and white, physicality and abstraction – Telémachos Alexiou’s video The Dream of Norma transposes these cinematographic parameters in a duality that both distills and delights. On three screens, a dancing duel unfolds between Norma (Vaginal Davis) and a masked phantom (Telémachos Alexiou), a ceremony of seduction, an erotic courtship…

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Tzion Abraham Hazan- “Marganith”

Tzion Abraham Hazan, Marganith 2013A journey down the streets of Tel-Aviv, between governmental and institutional buildings, exposes the location of a white tower, also named “Marganith”. The tower, which is located on the “Qirya” military base, seems to mark the center of the city. Along this journey, buildings intermittently expose the tower or entirely block our view of it.

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Nevet Yitzhak – “I have no one but you” (20.2 – 29.3)

Nevet Yitzhak, carpet 2012Nevet Yitzhak (1975) often deals with contemporary political and cultural issues by usage of real archive materials which she disconnects from their original context and manipulates with the help of digital tools. She challenges our perception of the past, rewrites history and raises questions regarding cultural heritage and collective forgetfulness within a complex local identity.

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Khen Shish – “Handmade Bombs” (20.2 – 29.3)

Khen Shish, 2014, acrylic on paper,410x420 cm“In order to create disorder in the painting you have to disrupt, interrupt, or maim. tear, perforate. As with a simple walk on the pavement in daily life, it’s the same with painting. There’s room for injuries. The dilemma is whether to ‘dress’ it or let it ‘form a scab’” (Khen Shish).

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