“Emigrate / Immigrate – Auswandern / Einwandern” (18.4.15 – 26.4.15)


Unlike in English or German, Hebrew lacks a clear distinction between the incoming and outgoing connotations of the word ‘migration’ – as in emigration and immigration – with the word ‘hagira’ (הגירה) used to designate both. In Israeli society and culture, however, the tension between these two opposing directions remains a permanent presence that is felt everywhere. Israelis see themselves as constant migrants, deemed to move between lands and cultures in perpetuity. Circle 1 Gallery is pleased to announce Emigrate / Immigrate, a group exhibition presenting works by students and graduates of the Multidisciplinary Art Department at the Shenkar College, Israel. (Curators: Nira Pereg and Yanai Toister).

Throughout history, art too has provided a platform for migration, generating  movements across cultures, languages, genders and contexts. The works in the current exhibition, by graduates and students of the Multidisciplinary Art department at the Shenkar College, deal with the wider cultural and personal  implications related to such issues as origin, identity, and language as elements that shape the society they live in – essentially an immigrant society.

The current exhibition in Berlin is an important step toward elaborating a growing international network around the Multidisciplinary Art Department of the Shenkar College, including student exchange programs, visiting lecturers, international symposiums, special workshops with guest artists and more. Visiting artists in the past have included Hans Haacke (NY), Richard Deacon (UK), Norbert Schwontkowski (Germany), Daniel Richter (Germany), Omar Ba (Senegal/Switzerland) and Karyn Olivier (Pennsylvania).

With works by: Adi Yaakov, Danielle Tzadka, Dor Sharon, Efrat Goldmann, Eitan Heidingsfeld, Hadar Azaria, Ianiv Csaszar, Ido Bercovier, Lynn Aviv & Esther Davinski, Mika Hazan Bloom, Naama Roth and Sharona Tevet.