Michelle Jezierski – NORWOOD (20.6.15 – 1.8.15)

2015_Transformer_120x100cm_oiloncanvasEntering the paintings by Michelle Jezierski with one’s eyes is rather like having a psychedelic experience. Her condensed visual stimuli are at their core reflections of interior and exterior spaces. After an extensive forest phase, the artist now devotes herself to questions of space—fractured, simultaneous and non-simultaneous space, and the landscape within a landscape.



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Ofir Dor – GirlyGirlyGirlGirl (20.6.15 – 1.8.15)

flying women 80 x 49

Ofir Dor’s exhibition GirlyGirlyGirlGirl which opens this month at CIRCLE1 revolves around some figures, not so much a specific person but rather an archetypical one, or few. Ofir Dor is looking for something very simple; one figure or a couple somewhere, usually outside. He uses few positions and repeats them again and again.

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