We would like to invite you for the finissage of the current exhibition presenting works of emerging artists in C1.

The event will be followed by two performances of emerging artists working on the field of music and visual arts – Coila-Leah Enderstein and Line Gøttsche.

A performative iteration of Coila-Leah Enderstein’s artistic research, in which she invites the public to join her in attending to the complexity, and urgency, of the “post”-colonial.

Line Gøttsche will be showcasing her newest project ‘Omonia’. “Gøttsche’s low-tech invocation of cognitive dissonance, heightened sensitivity, and circular memory finds itself squarely in the midst of our amnesiac age of digital alienation and artificial dreams” (Jason Grieg)

Coila-Leah Enderstein (b. 1990) is a pianist, improviser and artist from Cape Town. Moving between music, theatre and sound art, her approach is heavily process-based and relies strongly on intimate collaboration with other artists. She has close partnerships with multi-disciplinary artist Nicola van Straaten, flautist Sally Minter, and percussionist Dylan Tabisher, and has presented work in South Africa, Namibia, the Netherlands and Germany. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste, Berlin. Her current research attempts to assemble an ethics of presence in relation to coloniality via the piano as a sounding body.

Line Gøttsche Dyrholm – composer, violinist, Calarts MFA student, and alumna of Danish electronic popband Belle Ville, currently based in Berlin. “Gøttsche honed this imbrication of speech, memory, and music while a student of language science at the University of Copenhagen, taking Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time” as a thesis subject, and following those studies with experimental composition at CalArts with Michael Pisaro. Her instinct for language and its entanglement with music and memory extends to the editing and translation of all kinds of civilian texts – “leaflets, brochures, articles, and placards”, as Walter Benjamin would say – in her current job as a text-freelancer and art-book editor.” (Jason Grieg)

C1 presents Emerging Artists #1

Coming from different backgrounds, having different experiences and art practices the upcoming exhibition at C1 focuses on the feeling of what is “Home” and whether we can relate to the idea of “Home” through our physical and/or mental body. Through an interdisciplinary lens the exhibition brings together various mediums such as photography, video art, installation, drawing and sculpture.

Artists: Stav Eitan, Julia Gnatowska, Shai Levy, Michael Liani, Benjamin Rapp


Have you ever wanted to master an art application, or a correct CV? Do you want to learn how to make an appealing portfolio or website? Answer open calls or offer initiatives correctly? This is the course for you! 

What we offer: 
Four meetings of 90 minutes each — Weekdays in the evenings and weekends in the morning, depending on your choice. Guidance on how to write a correct CV and artist statement, streamlining your ideas into a cohesive text, and how to follow guidelines of open calls. Furthermore, learn how to adapt your concepts to different settings. Lessons on building a website or an impressive PDF portfolio with no special tools.Advice on approaching curators and building a network Guidance on  how to use social media to your advantage Plus: 2 private sessions of consultation, one-on-one!

Weekdays in the evening: March 17, 24, 31 and April 7, 18:00-19:30
Weekdays in the evening: March 17, 24, 31 and April 7, 19:30-21:00
Weekends in the morning: March 15, 22, 29 and April 5, 11:30-13:00

Cost: 120 Euro per person for the whole 4 meetings

+ 10 Euros registration fees (not refundable) 

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