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Adressed to new artists all over the world.

Circle1 gallery decide to create an event where would be given a chance to everyone who would like to express their artwork, no limit to the media (painting, mix media, photography, sculpting, video etc)

One’s has to sent a portfolio to and we will chooose and online exhibit an artwork per day, lasting 2 weeks.

Show your art to the world!

Artists: Every 2 weeks a new artist will be taking over our social media (instagram/facebook & website) and present his/her art!

April to June
new artists & artworks



Local Diamonds exhibition coming soon….

The pop-up exhibition Local Diamonds, curated by Circle 1 gallery, focuses on the Berlin art scene. Local Diamonds brings together Berlin-based artists who have been living and working in Berlin for years and who have been part of Circle1’s journey.

The current exhibition shows these artists as they express their art in a more local mode. Due to the pandemic and the limitation imposed on artists to travel, to exhibit abroad and more, local artists are currently absorbed in their local surroundings.

They are, more than ever, dependent on the close and familiar public, the limited space they have, their emotions and experiences happening in their close vicinity. Local Diamonds aims to pay homage to these artists.

Circle1’s exhibition Local Diamonds was postponed from its original opening of last November due to the covid lockdown and finally, this summer, is rescheduling.
More details are
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