REALITY IN C1 #6 – curated by Dan Allon


Gurgulitza (Songbird in Bulgarian) is a Berlin-based German-Israeli vocal trio, born during a musical journey throughout Bulgaria. Madlen Stange, Netta Shahar, and Nitsan Bernstein sing folk songs from Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Estonia and Israel, and bringing new life to forgotten musical treasures.

The trio offers an A-cappella performance, inspired by their reality in Berlin. Being a vibrant and central city in Europe, Berlin has an “eastern” political past, which was affiliated with countries such as the Balkan. To date, it is a significant artistic influence on the city. Motivated by several encounters, the trio went on researching the origins of those connections. They have met Georgian, Bulgarian, and Greek musicians, and learned a local repertoire of songs, which they modified into a three-women voices act. They choose to sing in languages that are not their mother tongue, to create a disoriented dynamic, as if from another place and time. While they pay to homage the origins, they emphasize the reality in Berlin, in which one faces an unfamiliar past.


Circle1 Platform for Art and Culture
Hauptstrasse 101, 10827 Berlin

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