“Emigrate / Immigrate – Auswandern / Einwandern” (18.4.15 – 26.4.15)


Unlike in English or German, Hebrew lacks a clear distinction between the incoming and outgoing connotations of the word ‘migration’ – as in emigration and immigration – with the word ‘hagira’ (הגירה) used to designate both. In Israeli society and culture, however, the tension between these two opposing directions remains a permanent presence that is felt everywhere. Israelis see themselves as constant migrants, deemed to move between lands and cultures in perpetuity. Circle 1 Gallery is pleased to announce Emigrate / Immigrate, a group exhibition presenting works by students and graduates of the Multidisciplinary Art Department at the Shenkar College, Israel. (Curators: Nira Pereg and Yanai Toister).

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