Albert Merino – “Autoretrat Compulsiu” (25.10 – 29.11)

Autoretrat compulsiu still 08

In Our next exhibition we will show two video works by the Spanish artist Albert Merino – “Autoretrat Compulsiu” and “Hidden Mud”. Albert Merino uses the medium of video to deconstruct reality and reinterpret it, using imagery and contextualizing it. In this way, he realizes a work of dissection of the environment where some different temporary stratus converges at the same time, creating a dreamlike and fictive universe between reality and imaginary.

Autoretrat compulsiu still 05Through the different video works, there is a persistence of recreation from atmospheres that become sometimes haunting and watertight. These express the surprise in the quotidian, the games of the languages, and interferences between the different kinds of genders. These elements are recurring in his work where the influence of painting and cinema can be recognized.

The different registers that Merino uses derive from intimate works to ironic or sarcastic. Using this medium he interferes in the environment that he perceives, transforming it into a literary body.