Past Exhibition: 17.5.14 – 23.6.14

(Photos by Merav Maroody)

In our current show is an exhibition by artists Peleg Dishon and Avinoam Sternheim. “White to play and win” – Dishon’s show – is composed of two major pieces: a paper cutout landscape which depicts a celestial city and a composition of popup elements drown from the landscape and serves as pieces or pawns.

Peleg Dishon, White to play and win 2014

Avinoam Sternheim, Soap Fingers 2009

Avinoam Sternheim is influenced by tribal cultures, primitive art and the sort of fantasies he finds in horror and science fiction movies. The works stand on the border between what is real and what stems from a phantom-like dimension.



Avinoam Sternheim, Black Flower