Miloš Tomić – Musical Diaries (4.4 – 10.5)

Miloš Tomić, musical diaries 2012Musical Diaries is an exhilarating work by Miloš Tomić (Serbia, 1976) a multimedia artist whose works span film, photography, collages and sculpture. It started off as intuitive daily musical therapy, improvising on various instruments and paying attention to sounds made by daily objects at home, on the street and slowly, everywhere he traveled.

Miloš Tomić, musical diaries 2012It didn’t take long for Tomić’s 3 year old son to join his journey of exploring sounds through action, crashing his planned intention through joy of destruction and anarchistic spirit and the recorded improvisation sessions became minutes of freedom, where all house rules were forgotten, and the diaries became records of their relations and notes of changes,  as his child grew up and he regressed into child state.

Tomic meticulously watched, listened and searched for musical relations to combine into collages and small “compositions“ collecting remote sounds that will eventually come together to a pleasant cacophony.

Miloš Tomić, musical diaries 2012The next step he calls “Musical Postcards“ where he sent selected improvisation segments, to visit several musician friends who then added another musical layer to it and send it further. After a while the melody or rhythm came back to him, richly orchestrated by various instruments which again he was to edit and “conduct“.

“Small professor of music“ is a series of lessons taught by young children and teenagers which are in the midst of learning how to play the instruments themselves and suddenly take the role of teachers, passing on the basics of schooled music. Afterwards at home Tomić takes the rules he learned and smashes them into the musical diaries.

Tomić says he started  the sessions of musical therapy, to explore music as well as himself and hopes to find more people to engage in the action of everyday sound and produce together music full of surprises.

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