Miloš Tomić – Musical Diaries (4.4 – 10.5)

Miloš Tomić, musical diaries 2012Musical Diaries is an exhilarating work by Miloš Tomić (Serbia, 1976) a multimedia artist whose works span film, photography, collages and sculpture. It started off as intuitive daily musical therapy, improvising on various instruments and paying attention to sounds made by daily objects at home, on the street and slowly, everywhere he traveled.

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Stop-motion workshop with Miloš Tomić

Miloš Tomić, Spitted by kiss, 2007We are extremely excited to invite you to a 2 day work shop by Miloš Tomić the representative of Serbia at the 2013 Venice biennale. Tomić (Belgrade 1976) a spectacular multimedia artist whose projects span film, photography, collages, and sculpture will guide us through 2 exhilarating days, where we will produce everything from ideas through sound while playing games, music and more.

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