Past Exhibition 4.4.2014 – 10.5.2014

Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi 2014In the gallery’s main space in our current show we are displaying two special artists – Alona Harpaz and Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi which fills the space with an abundance of colors.




Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi 2014Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi 2014

Alona Harpaz’s flowers celebrate painting rather than mourn death and thus shift the role of flower painting towards the act of painting itself.

Alona Harpaz 2014Alona Harpaz 2014

Alona Harpaz’s video Salt # 3 is a fascinating experience relating to Israeli folk dance.

Alona Harpaz 2014, Salt#3Alona Harpaz 2014, Salt#3

Alona Harpaz 2014, Salt#3

Miloš Tomić’s wonderful video Musical Diaries started off as intuitive daily musical therapy, improvising on various instruments and paying attention to sounds made by daily objects at home.

Miloš Tomić 2013, Musical DiariesMiloš Tomić 2013, Musical Diaries

 Miloš Tomić, Clay pigeon, 2005

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