Glitterious 14/12/17 at 19:00

A two performances event curated by Mica Dvir and Adi Liraz

In this event, we would like to introduce various glittery physical, mental and imaginary actions in order to recreate oneself in glamorous parallel worlds. Both artists participating use the invention of the Self, as a tool to critically reflect upon situations and occurrences that left them previously as the `Other´. In doing so, they give the audience insights on their reality and create a critical observation on social situations.

-Suggested donation: 5 – 10 Euros-

She is D.I.S.C.O / Dieuwke Boersma

She is D, delirious – disastrous

She is I, incredible – impossible

She is S, superficial – super special

She is, complicated – crazy crazy

She is O, oh, oh, oh

She  – a hybrid, spiritual and otherworldly creature –  would like to welcome you to her intimate house party. So please, bring your sensitive ears and be ready to – with the use of pop songs, collective dreaming and movement – be transformed into a galactic receiver and hear knowledge and experiences from an alienated galaxy.She looks forward to finally reaching you.

Dieuwke Boersma is a performance artist who recycles and fabulates in speculative ways her personal pathological lived experiences as an opening to a metamorphic and carnivalesque zone in which new a-gential bodies of resistance, knowledge and community formation can be explored, enunciated and animated. She thereby fuses reality and fiction, ‘low’ culture and ‘high’ abstract thinking, dark ecologies and light-hearted milieus. Dieuwke has performed among other at the “Videonale 16. Festival für Video und Zeitbasierte Kunstformen”, Bonn, Germany (2017) The Performance Biennial “No Future” in Athens Greece (2016), and the “Enabled Manifesto Project” in cooperation with SAVVY, Contemporary (2014). In addition, she has worked at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne as lecturer (2013- 2016) and taught in lecture performances about the doings of gender studies, Posthumanism, and New Materialism.


Revelations / Darling Fitch

Crisis. Breakdown. Rebuilding. Cataclysmic events lead to the creation of personal narratives, and a sense of self is often won through the painful process of rebirth. But who are we after we become someone else? What comes after the end of the world? And what do we do when our most fabulous, shining, screaming mythological selves aren’t supposed to exist at all? Darling Fitch explores these questions – and more – with music, spoken word, and healthy dose of glitter.

photo: melanie ziggel

Darling Fitch is an American-born, Berlin-based writer, musician and performance artist whose compositions often grapple with issues of collective and individual identity. They* have presented work internationally, including for the Dixon Place HOT! Fest, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Month of Performance Art- Berlin. In addition to performing regularly in Berlin and abroad, Fitch runs the local performance series Yes/No/Other/All: Performance on the Boundaries of Identity.


*Fitch is non-binary transgender and uses they/them pronouns.