Glitterious 14/12/17 at 19:00

A two performances event curated by Mica Dvir and Adi Liraz

In this event, we would like to introduce various glittery physical, mental and imaginary actions in order to recreate oneself in glamorous parallel worlds. Both artists participating use the invention of the Self, as a tool to critically reflect upon situations and occurrences that left them previously as the `Other´. In doing so, they give the audience insights on their reality and create a critical observation on social situations.

-Suggested donation: 5 – 10 Euros-

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MARKED // MESUMENET // מסומנת I 20.7.2017 at 19:00

A two-performances event by the artists Mica Dvir and Adi Liraz

Acting in a political-social space, the artists are influenced by the implications of their Jewish heritage and Israeli nationality. They are marked and leave marks as they move. In this event, both artists will share their experiences – which are sometimes common and sometimes personal – of this movement in relation to the cultural and national collective.

They will present the feeling of following or resisting social norms and will react to it from the point of view of being women.

Suggested donation: 5 – 10 Euros.

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