Art Without Borders | 7.11.17 – 14.11.17

The exhibition of photographs and installations entitled Art Without Borders, curated by Shirley Meshulam, recognizes the principles inherent in reality while employing its wide range of images.

The participating artists include: Alona Harpaz, Daniel Tchetchik, Hannah ShavivAmira Kasim Ziyan, Eitan Buganim, Ilia Yefimovich, Sigal Kolton, Orly Feldheim, Israeli and Palestinian newspaper photographers Gil Nechushtan, Mahfouz Abu Turk and the sculptor Osama Zatar. They, like their counterparts, also focus real events and the images they project; in addition to providing personal critical viewpoints.
All the participants relate to political reality – both universal and local, using themes such as refugees, terrorism, war and conflicts in the Arab world, along with Zionism, and the Palestinian Nakba. The fine art photographers stretch the borders of their viewpoints by amalgamating ‘documentary photographs’ with ‘processed’ photographs. Other participants leap into the inferno and present it “the way it is”, thus exposing its true nature.

The artists as “metaphysical rebels” roar out the first cry of sensitivity, which, to them is hope. They struggle to formulate a world view that contains universal justice and morality, values which characterize their works. They aim to challenge a shattered world and strive to expose its fragility and its misery. They identify, and pinpoint what seems to be human behavior and what are horrendous human actions. Their aim is to revive wisdom that has fallen into a deep slumber and push the “horrific monsters into deep sleep”


Art Without Borders
Curated by Shirley Meshulam, produced by Yossi Ben Bassat, in collaboration with Transform! Europe
7.11.2017 – 14.11.2017
Tuesday 7.11.17 at 19:00 – Exhibition Opening with a Performance by Osama Zatar
During the exhibition the Gallery will be open daily 12.00- 18.00 except Sunday. 

This exhibition is supported by the Szloma Albam Stiftung