Toony Navok – ”sur•round•things” (17.1 – 28.2)

Toony Navok, "skip" (2014)Monumental yet fragile, Toony Navok’s linear constructed sculptures are made of every-day practical objects and popular design elements, revealing their hidden abstract forms while glancing to past canonical periods of art. The works are complex assembles that highlight the dialectics between form and function and keep an inner movement quality presence.



Toony Navok, "Surrounding" (2013)For the Circle1 show Navok will present a group of works that challenge the transition point from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional: A large scaled toiling and colorful drawing (origins drawing) with organic movements marks that freeze and solidify in a moment between stability and collapse. The drawing is composed of compressed and dense pencil lines that assemble into what seems like a sculptural object. Surrounding drawings 1 +2 is a series of ongoing photographs and photo-collages all taken within a few small and playful sets, composed of cut drawings, sketch books, paper and other elements that were found at the time on the artist’s studio table.

Toony Navok, "Surrounding" (2013)Toony Navok, "Surrounding" (2013)

The tempo and the tension that Navok creates between stasis and dynamism is also maintained in her sculpture piece, Skip, based onthe use of banal elements such as skipping ropes, shoelaces, a shoe, and metal rods. She connects them to architectonic and geometric forms resonating with formalist, modernist and constructivist sculptural traditions.

Toony Navok, "Surrounding" (2013)

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