Wednesday 10.8.16 at 19:00 – Yoga in the Circle

P1030089CIRCLE1 Gallery and yoga teacher Anastasia Shevchenko are happy to announce a new collaboration – Yoga in the Circle!

During the classes you will:
– be guided to use yoga as a tool to go deeper within, accessing heightened perception and stronger self-awareness.
– learn how to use your body and your breath to build on your capacity to pay attention and center your mind on the present moment.
– be more able to reach a state of calm and quiet that would help you to open yourself up to the experience in and around you.

Yoga is an ancient technique of bringing your body and mind together, becoming one and whole. It provides you with the tools to become more concentrated, more aware, and therefore more open to the life around you.

Art is an expression of human experience through various media. It is a way to share the inner perceptions and experiences with the people around, often communicating important messages in the process.

By doing yoga before facing art around you, you set conditions in which you can slow down and take your time to truly experience the depth of the message in front of you. You enter a space in which you can become aware of the object before you, a space that is crucial to true insight and understanding.

First class: Wednesday 10.8.16 at 19:00
Lesson´s duration: 60 min.
Price per person: 10 euro
*Bring your own yoga mat.

At the moment we plan to have a regular Yoga in the Circle class every Wednesday 19:00 – 20:00. Stay tuned for information about our next lessons at the facebook pages of CIRCLE1 and Anasheyoga.

*The yoga class on 7.9 is cancelled