Exhibition View: Stereo 15.1.16 – 27.2.16

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In the gallery’s main space in our show we are displaying the exhibition Stereo of the siblings artists Saskia and Tilman Wendland.

Curated by Yael Bartana

Photos: Jens Ziehe




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Saskia Wendland & Tilman Wendland – Stereo 15.1.2016 – 27.2.2016


Stereo is the first joint exhibition of the siblings Saskia and Tilman Wendland, curated by Yael Bartana.

The exhibition title Stereo, with its sign of two intersecting and overlapping circles, proposes a genuine investigation of the literal parameter specified by the gallery’s name “CIRCLE1”. Stripped off its reference to Dante’s first Circle of Hell, where the virtuous heathens reside in Inferno after death, all that remains is the geometric form, the round shape with no beginning and no end.

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