Conversation # 2: Saturday 21.04.18 at 19:00 -> New Date

As part of the exhibition BODY TALK Circle1 will be hosting Conversation # 2.

In this talk the artists Erez Israeli and Roey Victoria Heifetz, whose works are on display in the current exhibition, will discuss their works and the way the works are influenced by the fact that they reside in Berlin.

The event takes place
on Saturday April 21st, 2018 at 19:00
(originally planed for April 14th)
at our new location: Hauptstr. 101, 10827 Berlin

* The talk will be held in English.

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Body Talk | 10.03.18 – 21.04.18

Raffi Lavie, 1987, Acrylic, pencil, collage on plywood,120X120 Courtesy of Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

This exhibition aims at setting up a brief historiography of the body as it is perceived, represented and manifested by Israeli artists from the 1950s until today. On view are works from some of Israel’s most known artists together with a selection of contemporary Israeli artists residing in Berlin. The works of Moshe Kupferman (1926 – 2003) and Lea Nikel (1918 – 2005) are our starting point, chronologically. Like many of their contemporaries they were engaged in an abstract discourse avoiding any direct representation. Kupferman’s paintings are an on-going process of marking and erasing, thus constructing a timespace machine whose generator and scale is the basic move of the painter’s hand. In Nikel’s case the body is transfigured into abstract forms. Possible figures, emotions and inner situations are shaped into colors and spatial relationships.

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