Past Exhibition 11.1.2014 – 15.2.2014

Gil ShacharIn our current show is a joint exhibition by Roy Mordechay and Gil Shachar exploring, each in their  unique way the mutual passion for matters such as time, paper (or the imitation of it), shadows, the expression of the human face and the tradition from which it evolves.

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Federico Solmi – “Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth” (11.1 – 15.2)

Federico SolmiSolmi reinvents the visual world of animation by creating and sequencing images using behind-the scenes technology that he borrowed and adapted from film and gaming. For “Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth,” Solmi has created hundreds of drawings and paintings as skins for a 3D game environment. The process involves real time performance recorded inside that environment through motion capture technology. Solmi himself enacts all the main characters in his films and provides the voiceovers, becoming, in effect, a one-man film studio.

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Gil Shachar & Roy Mordechay “Hals – und Beinbruch” (11.1 – 15.2)

In their joint exhibition Roy Mordechay and Gil Shachar present works from recent years. Although rather orthodox in their formal approach, both artists share an interest in exploring the borderline between two and three dimensional work and in leading their images towards the fantastic and the paradox. The show reveals in a subtle interplay the …

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Opening exhibition: 23.11.13 – 21.12.2013

_MG_0832Among the pieces exhibited in our current exhibition are Zoya Charkassky’s paintings. Zoya is an Israeli painter born in Kiev. A few years ago she was quoted regarding her unique outspoken way to deal with the Israeli identity & Judaism: “it was never my intention to shock Holocaust survivors. They have had enough shock and horror in their lives. For me it is about coming to terms with such things. If that’s the way a Jew is drawn – then perhaps that’s what he really looks like, perhaps there’s something to it.”

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