Sharon Paz, Amir Yatziv and Liav Gabay in “RoundAbout” – CIRCLE1’s Exhibiton at the ID Festival Berlin


CIRCLE1 and ID Festival are delighted to invite you to the opening reception of RoundAbout, a group exhibition
presenting thirteen Berlin-based Israeli artists.

RADIALSYSTEM V                     Holzmarktstr. 33, Berlin 10243

Three of the presenting artists in RoundAbout are Sharon Paz, Amir Yatziv and Liav Gabay.

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Alona Rodeh, Olaf Kühnemann and Aharon Ozery in “RoundAbout” – CIRCLE1’s Exhibiton at the ID Festival Berlin

alona rodehRoundAbout, CIRCLE1’s upcoming exhibition at Radial System V, as part of ID Festival Berlin, is a group exhibition presenting thirteen Berlin-based Israeli artists.

Three of the presenting artists are Alona Rodeh, Olaf Kühnemann and Aharon Ozery.

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Exhibition View: BACKLASH 29.8.15 – 25.10.15

Roland Stratmann, Munich 72, 2015; Aharon Ozery, Ledminton, 2015In the gallery’s main space in our show we are displaying the exhibition BACKLASH by artists Aharon Ozery, Christine de Garenne and Roland Stratmann. Ozery’s work Ledminton is presented alongside with Stratmann’s work Munich 72 while de la Garenne’s three video works BOKKER, PLANET CLAIRE and AEON are displayed in the media room.

(Photos: Mia Gourvitch)

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Yanai Toister – The Keepers of Light (2.5.15-13.6.15)

 The Keepers of LightThe display in Yanai Toister’s “The Keepers of Light” (2010), consists of photographic prints in glossy color, printed in a 300×60 cm rectangular format and suspended vertically, side by side, on the walls of the Gallery. The colors of the prints were determined by a fixed, computer-applied mathematical formula that started from primary red and progressed through orange, yellow, green and cyan to primary blue.

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Sharon Ya’ari – Scorpion Pass (2.5.15-13.6.15)

sharon2Sharon Ya’ari’s works which will be shown in his next exhibition at Circle1 – “Scorpion Pass” – focus on ordinary objects and routine life throughout the country, while inducing from them a range of complex socio-political sensitive insights. Sharon Ya’ari´s photographs depict the remainders of some past privet action and motivations, questions about local identity, and about the way trivial things become charged with meaning by being present over an extended period of time; laying there, piling up, accumulating, taking form. The images have a story, usually one related to existence and near-extinction.

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Larry Abramson – “Das kleine Blumenbuch” (6.12.14 – 10.1.15)

Larry Abramson, Das kleine Blumenbuch - after Rudolf Koch (Akelei), 2014, oil and screen-print on newspaper, 56x37 cmLarry Abramson’s exhibition at Circle 1 (opening on December 6) is titled “Das kleine Blumenbuch,” after a book of botanical illustrations published by Insel Verlag, Leipzig, in 1933, with woodcuts of German wild flowers by Fritz Kredel, based upon drawings by Rudolf Koch. In the summer of 2014, following the end of the recent war with Gaza, Abramson collected the daily issues of the pro-government tabloid “Israel Today,” and in his studio defaced them with layers of oil paint. The colors he used for this act were based upon his mental memory of the “utopian” sky of his childhood in Jerusalem.

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Tama Goren & Dani Back – “With you” (6.12.14 – 10.1.15)

1In our next show (which opens on Saturday, December 6) we will host the exhibition “with you” – a mutual show by the artists Tama Goren & Dani BackThroughout this past year, artists Tama Goren and Dani Back have come together to collaborate on a series of joint works. They share the same format and territory, creating something new through a mutual experiment. The exhibition “With you” displays the conjoint works of the two artists alongside their personal works.


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Past Exhibition: 19.9.14 – 18.10.14

Karen Russo’s video woKaren Russo''Externsteine'' 2012rk “Externsteine”, takes as its subject the rock formation in Germany which attracts neo-Pagans, new-Agers and neo-Nazis to seasonal celebrations, in which each cult relates Externsteine’s extraordinary landscape to their own version of ecological, spiritual and political mythology.


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Doug Fishbone – “The Parallax View” (19.9 – 18.10)

Doug Fishbone, "Elmina" (2010)Doug Fishbone’s exhibition at Circle1 brings together two major recent works by the London-based conceptual artist, that extend his examination of consumer culture, mass media and the relativity of perception. These two works, Elmina (2010) and Hypno Project (2009), question the way information is processed and presented in the contemporary visual landscape, and both undermine the relationship between audience and content in different ways.


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Yochai Matos – “Reclaim Fame” (15.8 – 13.9)

Yochai Matos - "Reclaim Fame"In our next show we will host the exhibition “Reclaim Fame” by Yochai Matos. In his work, Matos uses the staple images of modern culture; whether simple or iconic, these are images imbued with layers of replication and recycling. Matos’ work explores the materiality and the social relations around public space as a property. Practicing in two fields; on the streets and inside the established Art world – Matos searches the cross points between the two disciplines.

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