Aharon Ozery – BACKLASH (29.08.15 – 25.10.15)

Aharon Ozery, Ledminton 2015Aharon Ozery’s current project Ledminton (first exhibited in 2015, Berlin Artists’ Statement, Poland) will be on display in our next exhibition at CIRCLE1. The contraptions built by Aharon Ozery may seem at first to belong in an industrialized world order, yet the actions they perform, repetitive and cyclical, are carried out to no conceivable end. As opposed to the growth and progress championed by the capitalist worldview, these machines celebrate their own inefficacy and proudly exhibit the redundancy of their actions.

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Roland Stratmann – BACKLASH (29.08.15 – 25.10.15)

Roland Stratmann, Munich 72, 2015In our next show (opening on August 29) the German artist Roland Stratmann will show his work Munich 72. The texture of 580 postcards from Israel and Munich, all mailed between the sixties and eighties, build the base for two large-sized drawings. Both works on paper refer to each other. Some of the travel reports in the postcards speak of the occurrences of the Olympia-Assassination in Munich in 1972.

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Christine de la Garenne – BACKLASH (29.08.15 – 25.10.15)

Christine de la Garenne, BOKKER 2006Christine de la Garenne who opens her show at CIRCLE1 at the end of this month will show two video installations: BOKKER (2006) and PLANET CLAIRE (2010). Christine de la Garenne’s video projections deal with the relationship between the moving image and the associated sound. The artist acts as an observer of reality. She documents parts of everyday life by isolating and “dissecting” its details. Her videos assemble short sequences of individual images of the same setting. The combination of aggressive and meditative tendencies provoke an irritating atmosphere.Subtle digital manipulations of visual and auditory aspects add multiple layers of perception and lead to a collapse of reality. The artist creates ambivalence by simultaneously showing different aspects, perspectives and timings of the same situation. Through minimal time shifts and endless repetitions the videos de- and reconstruct and show a polychronic approach to time.

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