Alona Harpaz – “As if Royal” (4.4 – 10.5)

Alona Harpaz, Untitled 2014In our next Exhibition, opens on the 4th of April, Circle1 is displaying Alona Harpaz, an Israeli artist who works and lives in Berlin since 2001 and is represented by the Sommer Gallery in Tel Aviv. Harpaz is also the founder of the Infinite Earth foundation.

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Past Exhibition 20.2.14 – 29.3.14

Nevet Yitzhak, Alashan Maleish Gherak 2011, Carpet 2012In our main space of Circle1 we are displaying two exhibitions by two distinguishable artists – Khen Shish and Nevet Yitzhak. Both artists are dealing with the problematic of Orientalism in Israeli culture and the complex local identity, and refer to it through personal and theoretical prisms.


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Telémachos Alexiou’s dream of Norma (20.2 – 29.3)

Telémachos AlexiouMotion and stillness, depth and surface, black and white, physicality and abstraction – Telémachos Alexiou’s video The Dream of Norma transposes these cinematographic parameters in a duality that both distills and delights. On three screens, a dancing duel unfolds between Norma (Vaginal Davis) and a masked phantom (Telémachos Alexiou), a ceremony of seduction, an erotic courtship…

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Nevet Yitzhak – “I have no one but you” (20.2 – 29.3)

Nevet Yitzhak, carpet 2012Nevet Yitzhak (1975) often deals with contemporary political and cultural issues by usage of real archive materials which she disconnects from their original context and manipulates with the help of digital tools. She challenges our perception of the past, rewrites history and raises questions regarding cultural heritage and collective forgetfulness within a complex local identity.

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Jan Tichy: “Things to come 1936-2012” (23.11 – 21.12)

ttc3In our upcoming exhibition is Jan Tichy’s work “Things to come 1936-2012 “. Jan Tichy is a Chicago based artist who works at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, sound & photography. Tichy is best known for his dynamic use of projected light and video in installations that incorporate objects and architecture.

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Circle1 Project opens its doors

gil shachar, Artist and Model  2011/12

Circle 1 opens its spaces on the 23rd of November with an exhibition of ten artists in different media. Circle1 is neither a usual gallery nor a commercial space. It is a platform of many disciplines, ideas and attitudes. Hosting a series of lectures, performances, artist talks and offering an arena for discussions in all facets of culture.

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