Sing While You’re Burning – Restless Painting from Israel | 1.4.17 – 20.5.17

Invitation C1A group exhibition with Shai Azoulay, Guy Ben Ari, Boyan, Ofir Dor, Bar Dvir, Liat Erdberg, Moshe Gershon, Elad Larom, Marik Lechner, Rona Perlman, Rotem Rozenboim and Netally Schlosser. Curated by Ofir Dor

The exhibition features 12 painters from Israel whose work is personal, emotional and somewhat restlessThey are engaged in painting that tells a story, paintings that are humanistic in their philosophizing, and they are direct, sincere and simple. 

For painters who grew up in Israel, painting was something of an anecdote, with no clear place in the local culture and with little knowledge, if any, conveyed systematically. They were fed on images that were essentially remote, and consequently reacted to a culture that was alien.

In these cases, the alienation brought forward devotion, as well as an awkward perspective, loaded with tension, a high state of excitement and a brand of restlessness. The paintings presented here synthesize a variety of thematic aspects (intellectual, sensual, reflective, expressive, ironic and symbolic) into one physical object.

By bonding intellectual and historical threads, with personal matters, contemplative reflections, while leaving enough places for the intuitive or the unpredictable, these paintings serve as an instrument to record a struggle as well as to provide testimony to its findings and conclusions.

The painters are constantly reflecting, frequently changing their perspective, measuring energies and attitudes while simultaneously summing up values to arrive at a living and sensible philosophy.


Sing While You’re Burning – Restless Painting from Israel
1.4.17 – 20.5.17
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 1.4.17 at 19:00