Nir Adoni



wood laser cutting, LED lights




Nir Adoni (born in1980, Israel) lives and works in Tel Aviv, Nir is a laser cutting, big scale installations and a sculpture artist whose works have been exhibited in museum and galleries in Israel and around the world. His work examines the relationship between man and constructed environments – believing that architecture plays a powerful role in the way we live and that the space around us dictates our approach and understanding of the world. Nir is intrigued by the tension between man and his surroundings in means of scale, inhabiting space and the questions that architecture raises. Religious sanctuaries and massive industrial areas become central domains for his investigation combined with ongoing research of the region we live in and his close surrounding environment. Light is an integral part of his work as it becomes a material of its own. As he re-assembles elements from different surroundings he combines alternative scenes – allusive in their reflection of space and place. The forced encounter between the elements forms charged, at times even destructive new territories.