Yaara Oren


ceramic plate

20-24 cm (diameter)


60 € + VAT



Yaara Oren (born 1982, Israel) is an Israeli artist, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Oren is working mainly as a painter, but
her practice extends to ceramic and photography as well. She graduated from Hamidrasha School of Art in 2009 with an “Excellence in Art” grant and currently works as a lecturer at “Seminar Ha’kibbutzim” Academy. She is the winner of Moses Prize for young painters from 2018. In her works, Oren aims to reflect parts of everyday reality, expressed by a subjective, internal experience. Oren draws inspiration from her immediate environment: The immigrants’ neighbourhood she lives in, her home, personal belongings and documented memories. Over the past few years, Oren has gradually neglected the use of imagery in her work. Her paintings mainly depict a state of mind, an atmosphere, functioning as “lucid dreams” of everyday life.


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