Past exhibitions

was kann ich für Sie tun exhibition: Franziska Harnisch, Dan Allon

28.03 – 03.05.2020

The two-person online exhibition was kann ich für sie tun by artists Franziska Harnisch and Dan Allon, deals aesthetically with the experience of German bureaucracy. Due to COVID-19, instead of the gallery, the activities of the exhibition will take place on the internet. The artists will host the exhibition online, in which they would provide the public with free consultation, live streaming performances, video performances, and workshops. For six weeks, they will offer a complete program, spanning from legislation, through economics, and career-based suggestions, German-history classes, and more. While they criticize the difficult bureaucratic life in Berlin, they also humoristically add more of it, by forms, drawings acts, and by creating an archive.

Emerging Artists

Artists: Stav Eitan, Julia Gnatowska, Shai Levy, Michael Liani, Benjamin Rapp

18.01 – 2.03.2020

Coming from different backgrounds, having different experiences and art practices the upcoming exhibition at C1 focuses on the feeling of what is “Home” and whether we can relate to the idea of “Home” through our physical and/or mental body. Through an interdisciplinary lens the exhibition brings together various mediums such as photography, video art, installation, drawing and sculpture.

Curious Oranges

curated by Yoav Efrati and Alona Harpaz

Julia Bulik, Alona Harpaz, Yoav Efrati, Gil Shachar, Roy Menachem Markovich, Atar Rabina, Michal Rubens

17.08 – 12.10.2019

Curious Oranges is a group exhibition taking place in Circle1 Gallery that explores the innately human nature of curiosity. Curiosity is present in everyone. It unites us despite our differences. Curious Oranges presents the idea that individuals are separate entities but collectively form a united whole made of various characters, conflicts, motivations and thoughts.

The exhibition space is a liberated environment in which every creative expression is welcome. Therefore, the artists participating explore different disciplines and express various points of view. Although the connection between the works is not explicit, they are united by the individual curiosities that fuel each creative expression. Read more


Alexander Sovtysik

12.07 – 10.08.2019

Curated by Julia Gnatowska

The references between Rorschach test and Alexander’s work are not coin-cidental. The test, which was implemented to detect thought disorders and mental issues, deals with complex human interpretation algorithms. The same can be said about works presented at the ‘Flashbacks’ exhibition. The use of old carpets as a material for these works can be interpreted in various ways: the Eastern-European aesthetics are connected with the Ukrainian and Polish background of the artist. Read more

Herbarial Seascapes

Iwajla Klinke

7.06. – 10.07.2019

Curated by Gilad Ben David

Press Release

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Alona Harpaz, Corinne Kitzis


The works of Harpaz and Kitzis are a response to a new age. In this new neoliberal age, the private and public spheres amalgamated to a whole new being. In their work, Harpaz and Kitzis explore the state of femininity in a time where the words ‘private’ and‘ public’ carry new, fluid meaning. A world in which everything is personal and impersonal simultaneity. “

Read more

What’s the Black Dog Doing With the White Girl’s Dress

11.01 – 16.02.2019 

Curated by Ofir Dor

Dor and Boyan seem to share the curiosity of studying similar scenes deriving from ordinary life, as well as responding to Christian iconography and the tradition of Western art, yet, aesthetically their works speak two different languages — Dor’s works are painted with bright colors, describing clear figures of humans in passionate situations, while Boyan uses much darker color scheme and strong expressive lines, describing abstract dark figures. Read more

21.09. – 24.11.2018 Flower Power

Curated by Carmit Blumensohn

Artists: Nir Adoni, Ali Anvari, Ayelet Carmi, Mai Daas, Yoav Efrati, Nurit Gur Lavy (Karny), Vik JF, Ayala Landow, Yaara Oren, Dina Shenhav, Khen Shish, Irit Tamari, Nurit Yarden, Mark Yashaev, Sahar Zukerman

01.06. – 07.07.2018 Day & Knife

Curated by Ofir Dor

Artists: Dan Allon, Olaf Kühnemann, Hugo Mayer, Daniel M Thurau

Day & Knife is a four men show, on view are their paintings.

With the end of painting behind, and towards the end of the world, they are scavenging from the ruins exhausted symbols to set up a tragic / comic theater.

Blues and Shadows and Moons inhabit their sets. Their protagonists are the lost, the longing and the wandering, the hunted, the beaten-up and the caged. Mellow in mood and dreamy in temper, their paintings are contemplative and dark, drawn towards a twilight of symbolistic, surrealistic, attentive romanticism. Read more

10.03. – 10.05.18 BODY TALK

Curated by Ofir Dor and Alona Harpaz

Artists: Yitzak Danziger, Ofir Dor, Eldar Farber, Moshe Gershuni, Alona Harpaz, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Erez Israeli, Menashe Kadishman, Gabriel Klasmer, Olaf Kühnemann, Moshe Kupferman, Raffi Lavie, Lea Nikel, Ariel Reichman, Alona Rodeh, Yehudit Sasportas, Noga  Shtainer, Sahar Zukerman

This exhibition aims at setting up a brief historiography of the body as it is perceived, represented and manifested by Israeli artists from the 1950s until today. On view are works from some of Israel’s most known artists together with a selection of contemporary Israeli artists residing in Berlin. The works of Moshe Kupferman (1926 – 2003) and Lea Nikel (1918 – 2005) are our starting point, chronologically. Like many of their contemporaries they were engaged in an abstract discourse avoiding any direct representation. Kupferman’s paintings are an on-going process of marking and erasing, thus constructing a timespace machine whose generator and scale is the basic move of the painter’s hand. In Nikel’s case the body is transfigured into abstract forms. Possible figures, emotions and inner situations are shaped into colors and spatial relationships. Read more

17.11.17 – 13.01.18 Bad Intentions

Curated by Avi Pitchon and Alona Harpaz

Artists: Eitan Ben Moshe, Wiebke Rost, Georgia Kuhn, Tamy Ben-Tor & Miki Carmi, Merav Kamel & Halil Balabin, Mika Rottenberg, Osama Zatar, Anat Ben David, Neta Dror, Eli Petel and Keren Cytter

Art is not mimetic. Art is not ‘about’ stuff. Art has no role. Art does not ‘ask questions’. People might do those things, sometimes even people who are artists. But not their art, even if they think it does, even if that was their intention.

Were one to be dramatic, they would decree art the pre-Tower-of-Babel mother tongue (thus terming it ‘autonomous’ misses its essence as all-encompassing source), and politics not even one letter within it. They would point out an iceberg that, in contemporary discourse, had thus been forced to balance on its tip. A dangerous balance indeed. But for now, let’s pretend that all we’re saying is that art and politics are simply two different languages, a distinction too often forgotten in the aforementioned discourse. Read more

7.11.17 – 14.11.17 Art Without Borders

Circle1’s exhibition in collaboration with Transform Europe

Artists: Alona Harpaz, Daniel Tchetchik, Hannah Shaviv, Amira Kasim Ziyan, Eitan Buganim, Ilia Yefimovich, Sigal Kolton, Orly Feldheim, Gil Nechushtan, Mahfouz Abu Turk and Osama Zatar. Curated by Shirley Meshulam

The artists relate to the universal and/or the local political reality, through themes such as refugees, terrorism, the wars and conflicts in the Arab world, Zionism, and the Palestinian Nakba. The photography artists stretch the ‘borders of photography’ by bringing together ‘documentary photography’ with ‘processed’ photography. Others jump into the inferno and photograph it “as is”, exposing its bareness. Read more

7.9.17 – 21.10.17 In The Place Where We stand II

Alumni Exhibition Celebrating The Musrara School 30th Anniversary in collaboration with CIRCLE1 Gallery

Artists: Doron Rosenblum, David Amuyal, Asaf Alboher, Moshe Stern, Nadav Ariel, Yael Horn Danino, Yael Shachar, Tamar Tzohar Harel, Or Tesema Avraham, Almog Gez, Tohar Lev Jacobson, Nikita Pavlov.

The exhibition features Israeli artists, all of whom are alumni of Musrara – the Naggar Multidisciplinary School of Art and Society, among them both recent graduates as well as artists who completed their studies 20 years ago. Read more.

31.5.17 – 29.7.17 Noble Surface

A joint exhibition with Eigen+Art Lab

Artists: Amelie Grözinger and Alex Lebus

When asked in an interview about the construction of reality and how to deal with “reality”, philosopher and physician Heinz von Foerster answered: “Where is reality? Can you show it to me?”

Likewise Amelie Grözinger and Alex Lebus, two artists living in Berlin, question “reality” in their exhibition Noble Surface, which cannot be defined as such and manifests itself in the possibilities of different realities. Read more

1.4.17 – 20.5.17 Sing While You’re Burning – Restless Painting from Israel

Invitation C1

A group exhibition with Shai Azoulay, Guy Ben Ari, Boyan, Ofir Dor, Bar Dvir, Liat Erdberg, Moshe Gershon, Elad Larom, Marik Lechner, Rona Perlman, Rotem Rozenboim, and Netally Schlosser.

Curated by Ofir Dor

The exhibition features 12 painters from Israel whose work is personal, emotional and somewhat restlessThey are engaged in painting that tells a story, paintings that arehumanistic in their philosophizing, and they are direct, sincere and simple. Read more


20.1.17– 25.3.17 Interference 

Artists: Vadim Zakharov, Ariel Reichman, Guy Goldstein.

Curated by von Drorit Gur Arie

„Interference is a type of obstacle, an interruption of the usual order of things, a suspension and disruption of continuity. The featured works refer to various aspects of this notion: interruption of logic and orderly action, whether by narrative shifts, temporal deviations, or sound intervals.“ Read more

4.11.16 – 14.1.17 Never Shown on Purpose

Artists: Agnieszka Szostek, Benedikt Terwiel, Benjamin Greber, Constantinos Taliotis, Frederik Foert, Ingo Gerken, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Janine Eggert, Lizza May David, Sophia Domagala, Sophie Erlund, Stella Geppert, Stephen Kent, Timo Nasseri.

Curated by Hannah Beck-Mannagetta & Ulrich Vogl

Within the artistic process works emerge that seem not to fit into the cosmos of an artist‘s practice. In the eyes of the maker, they have not yet been defined as an art work, or were determined as a study. In order to take a view behind the curtain, artists have been invited to propose a work they have never shown before for various reasons. Read more


9.9. – 29.10.16 Noga Shtainer. Anastasia Khoroshilova

Artists: Noga Shtainer, Anastasia Khoroshilova.

Curated by Jürgen Harten

CIRCLE1 has invited two very different Berlin based artists – Anastasia Khoroshilova and Noga Shtainer, to exhibit their recent photographic works. The two artists first met during the preparation of the exhibition. Although they differ in their personal motivation, their camera technology and the staging of their pictures, they find a lot if common ground in terms of subject matter. Read more

21. – 23.10.16  Mother, I have reached the land of my dreams

ID Festival 2016, Radialsystem V

Artists: Natalia Ali, Bettina Allamoda, Anina Brisol- la, Nezaket Ekici, Amir Fattal, Eldar Farber, Francesca Fini, Alona Harpaz, Olaf Kühnemann, Ella Littwitz, Shahar Mar- cus, Angus Massey, Alona Rodeh, Spacedigger, Amir Yatziv. Curated by Alona Harpaz (CIRCLE1) and Sharon Horodi

Today we are exposed to the plight of migrants more than ever before; indeed, many of us experience it first-hand, or are touched by it irrevocably. At a time of instantly-updating news reports, the shocking images of refugees desperately making their way to Europe – tragically, sometimes at the cost of their lives – reach us within seconds and resonate deeply. The massive media coverage inspires public debate, civil action and changes in policies and attitudes, but also a rise in xenophobia and antagonism. However, given the nature of electronic media, even the most iconic of these devastating images ends up drowning in the infinite flow of newsfeeds, updates and data overload. How can the story of immigration retain a lasting impact? Can art, with its visual means, address the broad spectrum of immigration stories and retain its relevance in the face of acute states of emergency on the one hand, and an overload of existing news coverage on the other? Read more

Untitled #6, untitled #7 2013

1.– 30.7.16 Director’s Cut 

Artist: Aline Alagem

Alagem’s exhibited works continue her recent themes focusing on body, gender, eroticism, and the gaze that
are indicative of the current torrent of processed images. She paints large-scale, hyperrealistic paintings, with a fragmented narrative, to render the canvas as a voyeuristic screen and to obscure the traditional narrative of oil painting as a means of coherently opening alternative representations of reality. Read more


Artist: Dana Yoeli

The subject of memory stands at the heart of Dana Yoeli‘s profoundly personal yet universal work. Memory, by nature, is illusory and intangible, but, nevertheless, Yoeli chooses it as her subject and transforms it into substance, into physical matter. She uctuates between nature and artice, documentation and fabrication, life and taxidermy. Read more


23.4.–25.6.16 Highway Furniture

Artists: Bettina Allamoda, Alona Harpaz

It starts with a paradox: Aren’t highways the opposite of furniture? Movement, fluidity, itinerancy. “Highway Furniture” is the name of the joint exhibition by Alona Harpaz and Bettina Allamoda. But even being on the move requires a setting, needs objects and images. Alona Harpaz and Bettina Allamoda have trodden very different paths to come together for this exhibition, which they see as a double single show. Read more

They came from nowhere 2015 Robert Stieghorst

5.3.–16.4.16 Strata

Artists: Yosef Joseph Yaakov Dadoune, Robert Stieghorst, Nezaket Ekici & Shahar Marcus

Curated by Drorit Gur Arie

Borrowing from archaeology, the exhibition delves into an array of associations or surfaces whilst consecutively exploring randomized fragment and particle conguration. The show proposes an examination the syntax of a collagist com- position through the interstices between: the realistic and the fantastic, the religious and the secular, the ironic and the tragic, the pleasing and the painful; whether it be a one-off manifestation or an expanding narrative. Read more


5.1. – 27.2.16 Stereo

Artists: Saskia Wendland and Tilman Wendland

Curated by Yael Bartana

The exhibition “Stereo”, with its sign of two intersecting and overlapping circles, proposes a genuine investigation into the literal parameters speci ed by the gallery’s name CIRCLE1. Stripped of its reference to Dante’s rst Circle of Hell (where the virtuous heathens reside in Inferno after death), all that remains is the geometric form – the round shape with no beginning and no end.“ Read more


Freitag, der 13. | 13 – יום שישי ה

Artists: Yinon Avior, Alexandra Baumgartner, benandsebastian, Matti Isan Blind, Noa Gur, Ella Littwitz, Ronit Porat, J&K / Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard, Johannes Vogl and Ulrich Vogl

Curated by Hannah Beck-Mannagetta

The exhibition Freitag, der 13. | 13-ה שישי יום at CIRCLE1 presents a number of international artists in the context of a cultural dialogue. The works of the exhibiting artists illuminate contradictory perspectives on an object or matter, as is exemplified in the title and the opening date of the show, where the number 13 can be interpreted either as an unlucky number or as a lucky number, depending on the cultural background and historical context. The exhibition deals with certain cultural, political as well as artistic, formal phenomena, which revolve around contradictions, paradoxes and contrasting pairs. Read more


16.– 18.10.15 RoundAbout
ID Festival 2016, Radialsystem V

Artists: Ofir Dor, Amir Fattal, Liav Gabay, Alona Harpaz, Olaf Kühnemann, Alon Levin, Aharon Ozery, Sharon Paz, Alona Rodeh, Keren Shalev, Noga Shtainer, Amir Yatziv and Sahar Zukerman

Curated by Shira Sverdlov, Aharon Ozery, Alona Harpaz (CIRCLE1) and Gastkuratorin Rotem Ruff

“RoundAbout” is a group exhibition presenting 13 Berlin- based Israeli artists. The selected works aim to provide a curatorial re ection on a relatively new phenomenon – the emergence of a major creative community of immigrant Israeli artists who now think of Berlin as their home. This phenomenon serves as a catalyst for many of these artist’s works and is often the starting point of emotionally and ideologically charged creative journeys. Read more


29.8. – 25.10.15 Backlash

Artists: Aharon Ozery, Roland Stratmann, and Christine de la Garenne

The contraptions built by Aharon Ozery, in his project “Ledminton“, may initially seem to belong to an industrialized world order. However, the actions they perform, repetitive and cyclical, are carried out to no conceivable end. As opposed to the growth and progress championed by the capitalist worldview, these machines celebrate their own in- ef cacy and proudly exhibit the redundancy of their actions. Read more

1 woman and a Bedlamp

20.6.–1.8.15 GirlyGirlyGirlGirl

Artist: Ofir Dor

GirlyGirlyGirlGirl revolves around unspeci c, archetypical gures. Ofir Dor is looking for something very simple; one gure or a couple somewhere (usually outside). He uses limited positions and repeats them again and again. Read more



Artist: Michelle Jezierski

Entering a painting by Michelle Jezierski is the equivalent to that of a psychedelic experience. Her condensed visual stimuli are at their core re ections of interior and exterior spaces. After an extensive forest phase, the artist now de- votes herself to questions of space – fractured, simultaneous and non-simultaneous space, and the landscape within a landscape. Read more

Yanai Toister – The Keepers of Light 3

2.5.–13.6.15 Scorpion Pass und The Keepers of Light

„Scorpion Pass“, Artist: Sharon Ya’ari

Sharon Ya’ari’s works focus on ordinary objects and routine life throughout the country, propagating a range of complex socio-politically sensitive insights. His photographs depict the remnants of some past private action and motivations, questions about local identity, and about the way trivial things become contextually charged over an extended period of time; laying there, piling up, accumulating and taking form. The images have a story; usually one related to existence and near-extinction. Read more

„The Keepers of Light“, Artist: Yanai Toister

The display in Yanai Toister’s “The Keepers of Light” (2010), consists of photographic prints in glossy color, printed in a 300×60 cm rectangular format and suspended vertically, side by side, on the walls of the gallery. The colors of the prints were determined by a xed, computer-applied algorithm that started from primary red and progressed through orange, yellow, green and cyan to primary blue. Read more



18. – 26.4.15 Emigrate/Immigrate – Auswandern/Einwandern

Artists: Adi Yaakov, Danielle Tzadka, Dor Sharon, Efrat Goldmann, Eitan Heidingsfeld, Hadar Azaria, Ianiv Csaszar, Ido Bercovier, Lynn Aviv & Esther Davinski, Mika Hazan Bloom, Naama Roth, Sharona Tevet.

Curated by Nira Pereg und Yanai Toister

Unlike in English or German, Hebrew lacks a clear distinction between the incoming and outgoing connotations of the word ‘migration’ – as in emigration and immigration – with the word ‘hagira’ (הגירה) used to designate both. In Israeli society and culture, however, the tension between these two opposing directions remains a permanent presence that is felt everywhere. Israelis see themselves as constant migrants, deemed to move between lands and cultures in perpetuity. „Emigrate / Immigrate“ presents works by students and graduates of the Multidisciplinary Art Department at the Shenkar College, Israel. Read more



17.1.–28.2.15 sur•round•things

Artists: Toony Navok, Jan Tichy

Monumental yet fragile, Toony Navok’s linear constructed sculptures are made of every-day practical objects and popular design elements, revealing their hidden abstract forms while glancing to past canonical periods of art. The works are complex assembles that highlight the dialectics between form and function and keep an inner movement quality presence.

Jan Tichy, a Chicago based artist, works at the intersec- tion of video, sculpture, architecture, and photography. His conceptually based work is socially and politically engaged, re ecting on the surrounding, on the local and immediate. In “sur·round·things”, he presents a number of works that respond to different sites and places. Read more



6.12.14.-10.1.15. With you

Artists: Tama Goren, Dani Back

Throughout this past year, artists Tama Goren and Dani Back have come together to collaborate on a series of joint works. They share the same format and territory, creating something new through a mutual experiment. The exhibition “With you” displays the conjoint works of the two artists alongside their personal works. Read more


Das kleine Blumenbuch

KüArtistnstler: Larry Abramson

The exhibition “Das kleine Blumenbuch” is titled after a book of botanical illustrations, published by Insel Verlag, Leipzig, in 1933, with woodcuts of German wild owers
by Fritz Kredel which are based upon drawings by Rudolf Koch. In the summer of 2014, following the end of the re- cent war with Gaza, Abramson collected the daily issues of the pro-government tabloid “Israel Today”, and in his studio defaced them with layers of oil paint. The colors he used for this act were based upon his mental memory of the “uto- pian” sky of his childhood in Jerusalem. Read more



25.10. – 29.11.14 Growth Engines

Artist: Eli Gur-Arie

Eli Gur-Arie’s works stretch the strangeness to the uttermost limit, and produces what appears to be at rst glance sated objects, objects that celebrate a rich existence, that possess an aesthetic resilience, a hermetic visual economy, bounded by beauty made extreme, imprisoned in an appearance that nulli es every kind of consciousness: too beautiful to ask questions, too spectacular to be troubling. Read more



Artist: Gili Avissar

In Avissar’s video the color PINK becomes a place; by its materialization in a speci c, actual site it unfolds an ongoing process of camou age and erasure, dismantling and rebuild- ing itself. Avissar, whose work is often synonymous with a rough yet poetic sculptural touch, is no less an action artist:

“More than I intend to build something new, I seek to erase the memory of what was there before, so as not to enclose myself in a depository of past works,” he says. Read more

Autoretrat compulsiu still 08

Autoretrat Compulsiu

Artist: Albert Merino

Spanish artist Albert Merino presents two video works. He uses the medium of video to deconstruct reality and reinter- pret it, using imagery and contextualizing it. In this way, he realizes a work of dissection of the environment where some different temporary stratus converges at the same time, creating a dreamlike and ctive universe between reality and imaginary. Read more


Karen Russo low res

19.9. –18.10.14 We are Golden

Artist: Karen Russo

Karen Russo‘s works are about knowledge systems consid- ered esoteric, erroneous and diametrically opposed to the enlightened tendencies Western culture prefers to adorn itself with. As such, she deals with occult rituals, collective mythical components, the dark side of wisdom taken from kabbalistic and Rosicrucian sources, thaumaturgy and para- normal phenomena – in short, all the knowledge rejected by modern science. Read more

fishbone_hypno project

 The Parallax View

Artist: Doug Fishbone

Doug Fishbone’s exhibition brings together two major recent works by the London-based conceptual artist, that extend his examination of consumer culture, mass media and the relativity of perception. These two works, “Elmina” (2010) and “Hypno Project” (2009), question the way information is processed and presented in the contemporary visual land- scape, and both undermine the relationship between audi- ence and content in different ways. Read more

Rehearsing1-1 (1)

Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres

Artist: Nir Evron und Omer Krieger

The video “Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres” (2014) was shot in Kibbutz Be‘eri, a collective community in the south of Israel near the Gaza strip, founded in 1946. Evron and Krieger invited a group of kibbutz members to recite the 26 verses of an opaque hebrew poem written by Kibbutz Poet Anadad Eldan (b. 1924). Aerial shots of the region are interwoven into the reading, showing sites of assembly, stag- es of collective expression, public sculpture and architecture in the kibbutz, a 20th century avant-garde phenomenon and a radical social experiment situated today on the border of Israel and the Hamas-governed Gaza strip, one of the most charged geopolitical environments in the world. Read more



15.8. – 13.9.14 Portraits & Landscapes

Artists: „New Barbizon School“: Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, Olga Kundina, Anna Lukashevsky, Asya Lukin and Natalia Zourabova

“New Barbizon School” was founded in the summer of 2010 by ve artists who immigrated to Israel from the former USSR. The name of the group relates to the French Barbizon School which was active in the middle of the 19th century, whose members worked in the surrounding of the Barbizon village where they abandoned formalism and drew inspira- tion directly from nature. Read more


Reclaim Fame

Artist: Yochai Matos

In his work, Matos uses the staple images of modern culture; whether simple or iconic, these are images imbued with layers of replication and recycling. Matos’ work explores the materiality and the social relations around public space as a property. Practicing in two elds; on the streets and inside the established Art world – Matos searches the cross points between the two disciplines. Read more


Open Skies

Artist: Daniel Landau

Daniel Landau’s video “Open Skies” (2013) presents a tent encampment of homeless people which is situated between

Tel Aviv and one of its satellite towns, Ramat Gan. It is a central place, a main transport axis between intersections of different roads and skyscrapers populated with corporate ventures and the stock market.

There, in such a scenario, this neighborhood of tents grew on a piece of grass, a lonely and neglected island in a mid- dle of an urban reality. The tents are constructed from abject materials, left over of building materials, plastic and boards – the leftovers of a consume society. Read more



27.6.– 26.7.14 Fair and Lost

Artist: Francesca Fini

The video “Fair and Lost“ (2013) is based on a live performance by Francesca Fini. During the performance, Francesca is wearing electrodes on both arms and is trying to apply makeup. Involuntary muscle contractions caused by electric shock are very strong so that she cannot control the hands and the makeup spreads all over her face. Read more

Michal Helfman

Barbarism of Reflection

Artist: Michael Helfman

Michal Helfman presents a group of works on paper, made in a scraping technique from a layer of oil pastels, expos- ing another layer of colorful acrylics lying underneath it. the group of works called “Barbarism of Re ection” takes its name from a term coined by 17th century Italian historian Vico. This expression was used to describe a critical moment in the history of a civilization, in which, according to Vico, signi cant cultural achievements (manifested in its increasing re ective capacity), are eventually what lead this civilization to deconstruction and barbarism. Read more


Heartworn Highways

Artist: Olaf Kühnemann

“Heartworn Highways” is all about impulses. It’s a gathering of moments of enthusiasm and beauty. A country song that serves as a departure point for the mind to travel and dream, a bicycle and the hidden beauty behind its craftsmanship. Scattered images, impressions, pictures which Olaf Kühnemann kept on his studio walls as small windows for inspiration to come in, thought provoking elements, or pure generators of feeling. Read more


  •  June 2014

20.– 22.6.14 Parallel Port

KünstlerInnen: Niklas Binzberger, Adrian Brix, Sabrina Brückner, Cathy Cocat, Victor Damouche, Eleanor Dauchez, Anna Lauenstein, Keto Logua, Mari Matsutoya, Mónica Nunes, Michael Roggon, Sebastian Storz, Luca Vanello, Pink White, Jolysro Rednasyl, Via Lewandowsky

17 Kunststudierende der UdK reisen für zwölf Tage nach Israel. Im Sinne einer Studienreise geht es um die Auseinan- dersetzung mit den politischen Kon ikten und ihrem Erleben aus der Sicht eines Besuchers. Das künstlerische Konzept folgt einem beinahe tautologischen Plan. Weiterlesen

Flood_Old New Babylon Detail # 3_2012

17.5. – 23.6.14 White to Play and Win

Artist: Peleg Dishon

The exhibition is composed of two major pieces. The centre piece is a paper cutout landscape which oscillates between map and model – a depiction of a celestial city. The second one is a composition of popup elements drown from the map and serves as pieces or pawns. Read more


Black Flower

Artist: Avinoam Sternheim

Avinoam Sternheim builds his works from abandoned mate- rials which he nds in his surroundings and which become the sources for his artistic work. He is in uenced by tribal cul- tures, primitive art and the sort of fantasies he nds in horror and science ction movies. WeiterlRead moreesen


The Centrifuge Brain Project

Artist: Till Nowak

In the brilliantly made mockumentary “The Centrifuge Brain Project” by digital artist, designer and lmmaker Till Nowak (1980) recounts Dr. Nick Laslowicz, a mad scientist from the

“Institute for Centrifugal Research (ICR)” (a fake institution needless to say), his “achievements in the realms of brain manipulation, excessive G-Force and prenatal simulations”. Read more

untitled--2 (Small)

4.4. – 10.5.14 As if Royal, Salt #3

Artist: Alona Harpaz

The rich and colourful bouquets of Alona Harpaz are not about depiction of real owers. Unlike Dutch oral paintings, whose meticulous rendering describes stages from bud- ding to losing petals, it stands for a metaphor of human life

– these owers will never die but remain static; a painting of frozen imagery. Read more

Miloš Tomić Musical diaries 300dpi 2012 (Medium)

Musical Diaries

Artist: Miloš Tomic

“Musical Diaries” is an exhilarating work by Miloš Tomic (Serbia, 1976), a multimedia artist whose works span lm, photography, collages and sculpture. It started off as intui- tive daily musical therapy, improvising on various instru- ments and paying attention to sounds made by daily objects at home, on the street and slowly, everywhere he traveled. Read more

untitled 1 (Small)

New African Art

Artist: Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi

Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi’s paintings depict the village’s daily situations: at home, at family meetings, at the market. Being a family member and not a tourist (Ngwo being her spouse’s home town), allows her to observe the place in an intimate and direct fashion. She has the vantage point that no tourist can acquire by being part of the people living in Ngwo, and so she in ltrates herself into the matrix of the village and delivers an authentic report of its life. Read more

IMG_9587 (Medium)

20.2. – 29.3.14 Handmade Bombs

„Handmade Bombs“,Artist: Khen Shish

The joy of painting, the physical pleasure of making it, the mental freedom and the bodily liberation. And on the other hand the compulsion to turn up each morning in front of the empty canvas or paper and start the ritual of knocking on the white walls; that ritual of wooing the gate of the na-

ked painting until it submits to the rst brush stroke, which expands and collects into a stain as smudged and as border- less as if it, the stain, were only the form’s ghost; perhaps
the painting will submit to the ight of a line that takes off, carves, scratches or falls to pieces in the space of the picture, as if trying to write in some idiosyncratic language. Read more

rug-still_frame (Small)

I have no one but you

Artist: Nevet Yitzhak

Nevet Yitzhak (1975) often deals with contemporary political and cultural issues by usage of real archive materials which she disconnects from their original context and manipulates with the help of digital tools. She challenges our perception of the past, rewrites history and raises questions regarding cultural heritage and collective forgetfulness within a complex local identity. Read more


The Dream of Norma

Artist: Telémachos Alexiou

Motion and stillness, depth and surface, black and white,

physicality and abstraction – Telémachos Alexiou’s video “The Dream of Norma“ transposes these cinematographic parameters in a duality that both distills and delights. On

three screens, a dancing duel unfolds between Norma and a masked phantom, a ceremony of seduction, an erotic courtship. Read more


11.1. – 15.2.14 Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth

„Chinese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth“,Artist: Federico Solmi

Solmi reinvents the visual world of animation by creating and sequencing images using behind-the scenes technology that he borrowed and adapted from lm and gaming. For “Chi- nese Democracy and the Last Day on Earth,” Solmi created hundreds of drawings and paintings as skins for a 3D game environment. The process involves real time performance recorded inside that environment through motion capture technology. Solmi himself enacts all main characters in his lms and provides the voiceovers, becoming, in effect, a one-man lm studio. Read more


Hals und Beinbruch

Artists: Roy Mordechay, Gil Shachar

Although rather orthodox in their formal approach, both artists share an interest in exploring the borderline between two and three dimensional work and in leading their images towards the fantastic and the paradox. The show reveals
in a subtle interplay the mutual passion of both artists for matters such as time, paper (or the imitation of it), shadows, the expression of the human face, and for the tradition from which their artistic practice derives. Read more


Gaza Canal

Artist: Tamir Tzadok

“Gaza Canal” is a mockumentry that was made for the Gaza canal visitor’s center. The video is constructed like a pro- motional or propaganda lm for an invented project – the digging of the Gaza Canal – that allegedly started in the year 2000 and rendered Gaza into an island completely discon- nected from Palestine/Israel. This work can be read as of- fering a futuristic model of peace through global, economic and touristic projects. However, the work actually offers an extreme realization of the long-lasting Israeli fantasy –“to throw all the Arabs into the sea”. Read more


  • November 2013

23.11. – 21.12.13 CIRCLE1’s Opening Exhibition

Artists: Zoya Charkassky, Yoav Efrati, Eldar Farber, Alona Harpaz, Michal Helfman, Olaf Kühnemann, Alon Levin, Aharon Ozery, Gil Shachar, Jan Tichy

Circle1 is based on a vision of an artistic platform for gener- ating a dialogue between cultures paradigms and modes of perception, a place to re ect on and resolve clashing opin- ions, styles and modes of representation. The rst exhibition hosts ten Israeli artists working in different styles and media.

The exhibition does not claim to be a thematic one. Nor does it relate to issues involving the fact of the artists’ mu- tual homeland. It is, we believe, a presentation of skill and talent and a manifestation of things to come.

Each is based in a different country but through their work have cultivated a profound familiarity. In a sense, the exhibi- tion is a gathering of like-minded people and as such, re- sembles a meeting place, a watering hole. Read more