Ofir Dor

Ofir Dor (born in 1972, Israel)

Ofir Dor is a painter, a native of Israel residing in Berlin since 2007. Since graduating from his art studies at the Bezalel Academy in Israel, in 2004, he has been showing large-scale paintings in a lush expressivity, depicting men and women in situations derived from a subliminal zone of dream, the occult and sexual fantasy. Initially working in a more detailed technique, with scenes that bring to mind a dark underworld of esoteric cliques and subcultures, his painterly style has evolved into a freeform expressivity that owes as much to abstract expressionism as to the lyrical abstract and other pioneers of Israeli modernism.

Chosen exhibitions:

2019 – What’s the Black Dog doing with the White Girl’s Dress?, Circle1, Berlin, Germany
2018 – The Bride The Groom and The Best Man, ACT Gallery, Santa-Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
2010 – Cockeye. Mail Nude in Contemporary Israeli Art, Gal-on Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 – Don’t Shoot The Painter. Paintings from the UBS art Collection. Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano, Milan, Italy
2013 – Ofir Dor, Fresh Paint 2013, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

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