Ofir Dor, Noga Shtainer and Amir Fattal in “RoundAbout” – CIRCLE1’s Exhibiton at the ID Festival Berlin

ofir dor

RoundAbout, CIRCLE1’s upcoming exhibition at Radial System V, as part of ID Festival Berlin, is a group exhibition presenting thirteen Berlin-based Israeli artists.

Three of the presenting artists are Ofir Dor, Noga Shtainer and Amir Fattal

Ofir Dor’s paintings are mostly of leisure time and erotic settings; his subjects stem from various cultural references, whether a scene described in a book or other paintings, or from Dor’s own imagination.

Dor explores the gaze of the viewer/artist and its role in enhancing and even creating those situations, while always on a search for understanding and pushing the limits of painting. His works are layers of investigation into an image with his lines and colors. The human figure, objects and nature, function as a tool in those studies and are shifting with each painting between figurative presences to an abstraction.
ofir dor 2ofir dor 3.

In his sculptural work, Amir Fattal addresses the formal and moral aspects historical events’ representation and of cultural memory; especially in regards to Israel and Germany’s shared history.

amir fattalamir fattal 2

In her photographs, Noga Shtainer deals with issues of childhood and early transitions to adolescence caused by exposures to sexuality, loss and violence.

noga shtainernoga shtainer 2