Past Exhibition: 27.6.2014 – 26.7.2014

Olaf Kühnemann, “Heartworn Highways” 2014

In our current show we host three distinguishable artists: Francesca Fini, Michal Helfman & Olaf Kühnemann. one thing is clear – our space never looked so different. and we have launched our new video space in the basement – so there is certainly a lot to see.

Olaf Kühnemann, “Heartworn Highways” 2014Olaf Kühnemann, “Heartworn Highways” 2014

Olaf Kühnemann, “Heartworn Highways” 2014IMG_4527 Michal Helfman – "Barbarism of Reflection" 2012

Michal Helfman – "Barbarism of Reflection" 2012