Past Exhibition 20.2.14 – 29.3.14

Nevet Yitzhak, Alashan Maleish Gherak 2011, Carpet 2012In our main space of Circle1 we are displaying two exhibitions by two distinguishable artists – Khen Shish and Nevet Yitzhak. Both artists are dealing with the problematic of Orientalism in Israeli culture and the complex local identity, and refer to it through personal and theoretical prisms.


Nevet Yitzhak, Carpet 2012Nevet Yitzhak, Alashan Maleish Gherak 2011


Khen Shish, We'll meet in london in several years 2014Khen Shish, The pink princess, The eagle, The fin, Tel Aviv and the long nights 2014

Khen Shish, I have overlooked many things 2014, Coming from the land of giants 2014, De kooning and me 2014, I wanted to be left alone - to disconnect the phone 2014

IMG_9599 (Medium)





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