Circle1’s opening on November 23rd

Alon Levin, The Everything of an Almost Future, Photography: Roman März Courtesy of Ambach & Rice, Los Angeles

Circle1 is based on a vision of an artistic platform for generating a dialogue between cultures paradigms  and modes of perception. A place to reflect on and resolve clashing opinions, styles and modes of representation. The first exhibition will be launched on the 23rd of November, hosting ten Israeli artists working in different styles and media.

The participating artists were chosen as the first members of Circle1, being the core of a wider circle of artists that will be shown in the coming exhibitions. The exhibition does not claim to be a thematic one. Nor does it relate to issues involving the fact of the artists’ mutual homeland. It is, we believe, a presentation of skill and talent and a manifestation of things to come.

Eldar Farber, mauerpark 2007

The artists participating are: Zoya Cherkassky; Yoav Efrati; Eldar Farber; Alona Harpaz; Michal Helfman; Olaf Kuhnemann; Alon Levin; Aharon Ozery; Gil Shachar and Jan Tichy.

Each is based in a different country but through their work have cultivated a profound familiarity. In a sense, the exhibition is a gathering of like-minded people and as such, resembles a meeting place, a watering hole.

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