Circle1 Project opens its doors

gil shachar, Artist and Model  2011/12

Circle 1 opens its spaces on the 23rd of November with an exhibition of ten artists in different media. Circle1 is neither a usual gallery nor a commercial space. It is a platform of many disciplines, ideas and attitudes. Hosting a series of lectures, performances, artist talks and offering an arena for discussions in all facets of culture.

Initiated by Israeli artists, curators and writers it does not limit itself to the presentation of Israeli culture but seeks to build a dialogue between different perceptions and experiences Michal Helfman, 4Dancersby artists from all over the world, of different regions, religions, and practices who are invited to take part in this project.

Following our first exposition, every 6 weeks we will present a new thematic, group or solo exhibition accompanied by lectures and various events. It will be a Zoya Cherkassky, Berlin1pleasure to have you at our place for the opening night.


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