Gil Shachar & Roy Mordechay “Hals – und Beinbruch” (11.1 – 15.2)

In their joint exhibition Roy Mordechay and Gil Shachar present works from recent years. Although rather orthodox in their formal approach, both artists share an interest in exploring the borderline between two and three dimensional work and in leading their images towards the fantastic and the paradox. The show reveals in a subtle interplay the …

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Tamir Tzadok – “Gaza Canal” (11.1 – 15.2)

tamir_2The video work “GazaCanal” is a mockumentry that was made for the Gaza canal visitor’s center. The film is constructed like a promotional or propaganda film for an invented project – the digging of the Gaza Canal – a project that allegedly started in the year 2000 and rendered Gaza into an island completely disconnected from Palestine / Israel.

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Jan Tichy: “Things to come 1936-2012” (23.11 – 21.12)

ttc3In our upcoming exhibition is Jan Tichy’s work “Things to come 1936-2012 “. Jan Tichy is a Chicago based artist who works at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, sound & photography. Tichy is best known for his dynamic use of projected light and video in installations that incorporate objects and architecture.

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Our first circle of Berlin-based artists (23.11 – 21.12)

Olaf Kuhneman, CaroussellAmong our first nine Israeli members of Circle1 are four Berlin- based artists. Olaf Kühnemann is a painter who became known for his intriguing imagery based on the analysis of his childhood photographs. Kühnemann has exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions in various museums and galleries. One of his recent projects was a painting installation in collaboration with Berlin based fashion label Eva & Bernard and  Alexander Ochs Gallery in Berlin at Mercedes- Benz  Berlin Fashion week .

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Circle1’s opening on November 23rd

Alon Levin, The Everything of an Almost Future, Photography: Roman März Courtesy of Ambach & Rice, Los Angeles

Circle1 is based on a vision of an artistic platform for generating a dialogue between cultures paradigms  and modes of perception. A place to reflect on and resolve clashing opinions, styles and modes of representation. The first exhibition will be launched on the 23rd of November, hosting ten Israeli artists working in different styles and media.

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Circle1 Project opens its doors

gil shachar, Artist and Model  2011/12

Circle 1 opens its spaces on the 23rd of November with an exhibition of ten artists in different media. Circle1 is neither a usual gallery nor a commercial space. It is a platform of many disciplines, ideas and attitudes. Hosting a series of lectures, performances, artist talks and offering an arena for discussions in all facets of culture.

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