Alona Rodeh, Olaf Kühnemann and Aharon Ozery in “RoundAbout” – CIRCLE1’s Exhibiton at the ID Festival Berlin

alona rodehRoundAbout, CIRCLE1’s upcoming exhibition at Radial System V, as part of ID Festival Berlin, is a group exhibition presenting thirteen Berlin-based Israeli artists.

Three of the presenting artists are Alona Rodeh, Olaf Kühnemann and Aharon Ozery.

Staging sculpture as performance, constructing time-based installations in space are part of Alona Rodeh’s methods in her diverse practice in which she
examines a range of cultural phenomena.alona rodeh 2

Since moving to Berlin, Rodeh is looking at the global increase in the audiovisual methods of safety and security and their adaptations into popular and subcultural aesthetics. Rodeh is using the photo luminous safety material to highlight the tension between the notion of being protected on one hand, and the controlled freedom and an oppressed environment – on the other.



Olaf Kühnemann’s paintings are a poignant and poetic exploration of the artists’ personal background vis-à-vis the history of Germany and Israel in the late 20th century.


Nutcracker, 2007, oil on plywood, 244x160cm (Berlin) zoom outIMG_1839

Aharon Ozery’s machines are made to explore the dynamics of movement – its repetition, suspension, delay and reversal – tapping into an inner logic that discloses the poetical dimension hidden in mechanical bodies. Ozery uses his materials of choice – metal, wood, light – in a way that animates them and brings about their softness and playfulness.