Alona Harpaz

Alona Harpaz (born 1971, Israel)

Founder and artistic manager of Circle1 Gallery, Alona Harpaz is a Berlin based painter born in Tel Aviv, Israel. She graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, and later studied at the International Centre of Photography in New York. She received her BA Hamidrasha at The Arts Teacher’s Training College in Ramat Hashaton, Israel. Since the late 1990s Harpaz has worked predominantly with painting, but her practice extends to installation and video work. 

Chosen exhibitions:

2019 – OMG! It’s Sooo Cute, Circle1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014 – SALT, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2008 – Fields, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, USA

2007 – New Paintings, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2006 – Delight, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York

2004 – ADIN, Alessandro de March Gallery, Milano, Italy

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