Alon Levin, Keren Shalev and Alona Harpaz in “RoundAbout” – CIRCLE1’s exhibition at the ID Festival Berlin

RoundAbout, CIRCLE1’s upcoming alon levinexhibition at Radial System V, as part of the ID Festival Berlin, is a group exhibition presenting thirteen Berlin-based Israeli artists.

Three of the presenting artists are Alon LevinKeren Shalev and Alona Harpaz.

In his installations, drawings, videos and collages, Alon Levin investigates how contemporary society is being regulated and organized by systems of visual representations. Levin’s work is an examination into the aesthetic manifestation of the invisible political and ideological control structures.

alon levin 2keren shalev

Using everyday and subdued materials, Keren Shalev investigates the connection between form, mass and the physical nature of objects. She models her structures on architectural and graphic forms and then transforms them by means of primal and child-like strokes so they become pure substance in uncertain states.

Alona Harpaz’s paintings depict her immediate surrounding and personal history. Harpaz celebrates the act of painting itself with her abstract works, alluding to a primordial state with purely ornamental and terrestrial elements. The paintings are self-consciously decorative with their vivid, bold colors and garish superficially cheerful and happy compositions.

alona harpaz 2alona harpaz 3